Outside of Newgrange in Ireland

Welcome! My name is Erin and I’m the brains behind Due Midwest. You’d like to know a bit about me, eh? If you insist! I grew up in Minneapolis, MN. I got bit by the travel bug at an early age thanks to my parents love of travel. It wasn’t until I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland that my love of travel truly began.

I love adventures big and small. I’m happy to explore new places around the world or just in my own backyard. With this blog, you may find inspiration for your next trip, tips on how to plan it or motivation to become a tourist in your own town. I also want to show off what the Twin Cities specifically and the Midwest in general has to offer. We are more than just flyover country on the way to one of the coasts!

I want to get out and explore my city(ies) and give all of you a taste of what you can find here. Minneapolis and St. Paul are like a well-kept secret. I hope I don’t get kicked out for letting you in on it!  This is a travel blog but from the perspective of a local. How many times have you tried to research places you are visiting only to find information on the top tourist attractions or high end restaurants? They are popular for a reason but unless you are King Midas, you can’t sustain a whole trip on that! Here you will find cool places to shop, delicious places for a bite to eat, fun events going on throughout the year or places that are nearby which can’t be missed.

I also want to share all of my explorations with you; not just those in Minnesota.  I always do a lot of research before I go and do my best to see the places I visit from a local’s perspective. I hope this will help you plan for future trips of your own. You don’t have to be rich or quit your job to have a life of travel.

I hope you enjoy reading! No matter where I may roam, the road home will always point due Midwest.

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