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Locals Love: Burgers

There isn’t any more perfect food than the burger, right? A soft bun with a bit of crunch, filled with gooey cheese and a tender patty of beef/turkey/veggies. Especially when you pair it with salty and crunchy fries and your favorite fizzy drink (mine is Coke Zero!).

I again tasked my favorite Minneapolis/St. Paul locals to share their favorite places and this time we tackled the burger! Some of the places were already favorites of mine and others I hadn’t ever been to before. This was a really hard guide to put together because I had to go around and try all of these delicious burgers! 😉

PS. These are in no particular order! Also, any restaurant name with an asterisk has the option to sub a veggie/impossible patty for the beef.

Saint Dinette

261 5th St E, St. Paul

A diner with a fancy twist will usually yield a delicious burger and this one from Saint Dinette is no exception.  This baby is a double cheeseburger with delicious patties and gooey cheese. The only downside? Fries aren’t included. But, these are some of the best crinkle fries you’ll eat so be sure to order them on the side! It is also really close (like across the street close) to CHS field so grab a burger here before you see a Saints game!

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal


995 7th St W, St. Paul

Shamrocks and the Nook are owned by the same people so you could get this awesome burger at either (or both!). We ordered the Juicy Nookie burger with fried onions and it was amazing. We made the mistake of going here right after we had the Saint Dinette burger… big mistake. Don’t try to eat two cheeseburgers in the span of a couple of hours you guys. My only critique here was the sweet potato fries we chose. They had cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them and I am more of a savory fry person. So, they were delicious but just not what I wanted.

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal


The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

Matt’s Bar

3500 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis

This is the home of the Jucy Lucy (spelling is correct this way, FYI). It is such a simple place. Only a couple of things on the menu, burgers served in paper wrappers and not on plates, you don’t get ice… but you have to love it. The burgers they make here are out of this world. My advice here (well, everywhere really) is get it with the fried onions and a side order of fries. Matt’s claim there’s is the original Jucy Lucy and even it’s not, it is my favorite.

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

The molten cheese is no joke. Make sure to take a small bite first to allow the steam to escape before you try to eat the rest. Trust me. You don’t want hot cheese on your face/hands/shirt.

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal


4257 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Revival is mostly known for their fried chicken and smoked meats. However, there is an unsung hero here and it’s this burger! There are 3 locations for Revival, but you can only get the burger at the Minneapolis location. If you want my expert opinion (which of course you do, why else would you read this guide?), grab a friend and split the burger and the fried chicken. You won’t regret it. If you think that’s too much food (ha!) I would recommend passing on the mac and cheese.

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

Red Cow*

208 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis

If you’re looking for delicious variety in your burger selection, make sure to head to Red Cow. They do have a bigger selection of burger toppings/options here than some of the other places on this list. My friend and I hit up the North Loop location but there are several all around the Twin Cities. I tired the Patty Melt burger and it was amazing. The other thing that’s cool about Red Cow? They have custom made patties that are house-ground, with a combo of: 21-day aged ribeye, chuck, short rib & brisket. Makes for an excellent tasting burger, no matter the toppings!

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

Lion’s Tap

16180 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie

If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Lion’s Tap will be a bit of a drive. But boy, is it worth it! You get a little paper plate and fries in a paper basket but don’t be fooled by the lack of fancy trappings. These burgers are amazing. As always, I recommend you get it with fried onions. So, grab a couple friends and make the road trip out to Lion’s Tap!

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal


3753 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Nighthawks makes me think of what a diner would have been back in the 1950’s when they were super popular. The atmosphere is fun, you get generous portions and you can order pretty much order anything on the menu and not be disappointed. While you can order anything, I would obviously recommend the burger. It is so good! Just look at that perfect bun and the caramelized onions peeking out of the side. Mmm!

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal


730 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis

If you want a great burger while you’re also having a tasty cocktail, than head to Parlour. They don’t open until 4 so you’ll have to wait for dinner to pick up this gem. I am pretty sure they started selling these burgers at Target Field (Twins Stadium) since they are so popular. Like Red Cow, the Parlour burger is also a house blended burger made up of: ground chuck, ribeye, and brisket. The meat is so tender, it just falls apart as you eat it. I had to borrow this photo since I’ve only ever eaten it at night and the it is very dimly lit inside. They now also have a St. Paul location which looks like it has more food options than the Minneapolis one.

Image result for parlour burger

*picture from Star Tribune

Nolo’s Kitchen*

515 N Washington Ave #100, Minneapolis

Nolo’s is a bit newer on the block but man, do they have a good burger. Look at that perfect bun! I had their burger close to when they first opened so I had to borrow this photo as well. I would definitely go back here just to get this burger.

Image result for nolo's kitchen burger

*picture from Star Tribune

Other Vegetarian/Vegan Options

I asked some of my friends who are vegetarians, what burgers they like around the Twin Cities and here is their list!

  • My Burger 6 locations in the Twin Cities
  • Lowbrow 4244 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis
  • Red Cow 208 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis (3 other locations as well)
  • The Malt Shop 50th Street at Bryant Ave S. Minneapolis
  • Blue Door 4 locations around the Twin Cities
  • J. Selby’s (vegan) 169 N. Victoria St.,  St. Paul


Well, I hope you enjoyed this burger tour around the Twin Cities. Is a favorite of yours not on this list? Let me know in the comments because I always love to try new burgers!

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

The Twin Cities Best Burgers #minneapolis #stpaul #bestburgers #eatlocal

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  • Reply Rachel

    Now I want all the burgers!

    April 19, 2019 at 2:10 PM
    • Reply duemidwest

      Me too! Makes me want to go back to all of these places and get the burger again!

      April 19, 2019 at 3:58 PM
  • Reply Michelle

    Great round up of burgers.

    One of the best burgers I’ve ever had was at the Drive-In in Taylors Falls. Their burgers feature a handmade patty made from fresh, locally sourced, beef on a freshly made bun. My favorite is the All-American, which is their version of the Big Mac, but all of their burgers are fantastic. Definitely worth the drive.

    April 20, 2019 at 2:23 PM
    • Reply duemidwest

      Thank you! I love Taylor’s Falls but I haven’t been to the Drive-In. I’ll have to try that next time I’m up there!

      April 22, 2019 at 2:10 PM
  • Reply Katie

    Convention Grill and the Kenwood burger

    April 20, 2019 at 11:38 PM
    • Reply duemidwest

      I’ll have to try both of those, thanks!

      April 22, 2019 at 2:09 PM

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