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Road Trip Essentials

Everyone knows the best thing about a road trip is the destination. Making sure you squeeze everything in you possibly can and just keep driving until your eyeballs are sandpaper. Keep your eyes on the prize I always say…

Who am I kidding? Road trips are all about the journey. Not to get all philosophical on you all but most road trips are not just to get you from point A to point B. Stop and smell the roses rest stops. Since I’m off the North Shore with friends this weekend, I thought I would give you some of my tips on how to have the best road trip possible!

  • Do a little research: I like to know what is worth stopping for on the journey to make sure I don’t miss anything. Make a google map with the stops you want to take and how to get there or just make a list of stops. I’m not saying you should plan everything down to the last detail, but a little research never hurt anyone! This also brings me to my next point…
  • Ireland Road Trip - Due MidwestLeave enough time for all the spontaneous things: See a sign for a scenic overlook? You know I’m stopping! Coming up on a cheesy road side attraction? Pull in and check it out! You can’t account for everything on your trip through research so make sure pad your schedule a bit to have time for all those little stops.
  • Ireland Road Trip Day Three - Due MidwestMake a playlist: What is a road trip without the jams? I was talking to my friend, Andrea, about our trip (a post on that soon!) and told her we should make a mix tape. She pointed out that nowadays we have things like Spotify and Pandora. I know, I know don’t you remember spending the night before a trip on your computer coming up with perfect playlist? My friends and I drove to Las Vegas in college (pre-smart phones) and I made sure to burn a CD with all of the perfect tunes.  Needless to say, either find the perfect Pandora station or load up your phone with that perfect playlist before setting off.

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  • SNACKS!! No road trip is complete without the perfect snack selection. Some people like to come prepared and others like the joy of the hunt on the road. Whichever way you roll, make sure to strike a good balance. By balance, I mean at least one from each of the three S’s. Salty: popcorn, sunflower seeds, corn nuts or almonds; Sweet: M&Ms (peanut butter obvs), Red Vines (or Twizzlers I guess) or Skittles; Something healthy: an apple, cheese and crackers or granola bar. You see? Balance. If you’re a picky eater or don’t want to stop somewhere for lunch (weirdo), then make sure to bring a cooler with more substantial food.

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  • The company: This may be the most important one of all, the people! Choose your company wisely, my friends. Can you tolerate being in a confined space with this person (persons) for an extended period of time? If someone gets on your nerves easily, they probably won’t make a good road trip buddy. Also, make sure to bring along people that have your vibe… For example, I love taking photos. So, I make sure my road trips are with my friends that either A) love taking them too or B) love me enough that they tolerate this about me. This will make the trip so much more enjoyable for everyone! Also, there are a lot of reasons to go on a trip alone! You get to pick all the music yourself, you don’t have to share your snacks and you can stop whenever/wherever you want! If you feeling like seeing somewhere new, don’t discount hitting the road with just yourself!

Ireland Road Trip Day One - Due Midwest

 * All photos from my road trip to Ireland last year. I’ll do some posts on it soon if you’re interested!

Essentials for your road trip - Due Midwest

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    Yes to all those – especially the jams! You have to have good music in the car to pass the time!

    September 30, 2016 at 3:40 PM
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