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Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

One of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions is the Blue Lagoon. Like most of the tourist attractions in Iceland, it is popular for a reason. Some people may say it isn’t worth the money, but we really enjoyed our time here. Where else can you hang out in essentially a giant bathtub, full of strangers, with minerals on your face and a drink in your hand? It’s a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


When we went, there were several different levels to choose from. We picked what is now the “premium level”. This got us a robe, slippers, towel, a drink and 2 masks. The cost was around $90 per person. There is a level below this which starts at $57 where you get one mask, a towel and a drink. The cost is also dependent on when you go so if you have flexibility in your days, it might be worth it to look into which day would be the cheapest.

Yes, there are tons of other hot pots and geothermal pools around the country which are less expensive or even free. You have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it. It was for us! Especially after a long day of hiking and horseback riding. Bliss!

Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Book your tickets well in advance. They will sell out the closer you get to the day so make sure you are looking at this right away if you want to go.

Arrive early. There is a busy parking lot, you have to walk a ways from the parking lot to the entrance and (sometimes) there is a long line to check in. You don’t want to miss out on your scheduled time so leave yourself some wiggle room.

Protect your hair. I saw online to coat your hair in conditioner before getting in and this definitely helped! The minerals in the Blue Lagoon are great for your skin but your hair? Not so much. Mine was really snarled and dry even with the conditioner so make sure to shower and wash your hair after your dip.

It will be busy. When we were there, the place was sold out. However, it is SO large, that we didn’t have to be right next to anyone the whole time. As you can see from the photos, there are a lot of people but it’s not packed.

Don’t stay in one spot! Like I said above, the Blue Lagoon is huge. So, wander over to the bar and get your drink. Walk over to the waterfall. Stalk the ladies with the masks!

The water temperature varies around the lagoon. Another reason to go wandering! If you’re too hot or too cold, just keep moving around to find a better temperature.

Bring a camera but not a nice one! I took photos after we got out of the lagoon with my iPhone but the ones from in the water were with my Go Pro. The minerals in the water do coat your lens making the photos cloudy (see below). Since you’re wet with that same water, there isn’t really a way to wipe it off while you’re in the lagoon. My camera was fine after the fact but just keep this in mind!

Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope you get to experience the Blue Lagoon for yourself!

Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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